Politics of Sport – VIDEO

2 Aug 2012: In this lecture, Dr. Fiona Gill examines the inter-linkages of politics and sports against the backdrop of the London Olympic games. The insights and the back-story will ensure you view the events each night over the coming week of the games in a different and more enlightened way!

Dr Fiona Gill is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Sydney. She teaches and researches in the area of the sociology of sport, focusing on issues of national, gender and sexual identity, and the questions of community representation in sport. She is currently carrying out research into national identity and National Service in Australia

YEMEN: Post Arab Spring Issues

25 Jul 2012: Dr Alison Broinowski and Dr Robert Howard lead a discussion on this significant BBC report which aired this week.

Turmoil and malnutrition haunts Yemen

The Trouble(s) with China

On Tuesday 17 July, Colin Chapman – President of the AIIA NSW – addressed members and guests on the topic of China and its economic, social and political challenges. This video captures Susan Grice and Colin Chapman in conversation hitting the key aspects of Colin’s presentation. The full slides from his presentation are available here:

Social Media: Nick Wright’s interview with Joe Trippi

11 Jul 2012: To discuss the power and the benefits associated with the rise and rise of social networks, Councillor Nick Wright interviewed Joe Trippi in early June 2012.

Joe Trippi, ex-Presidential campaign manager, is a US political commentator and author of ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’. Heralded on the cover of The New Republic as the man who “reinvented political campaigning”, Joe Trippi is widely recognized as one of America’s leading and most influential political strategists.  In 2004, as the National Campaign Manager for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign, Trippi pioneered the use of online technology to organize what became the largest grassroots movement in presidential politics. His model was exploited by the Obama campaign four years later.  He regularly advises companies, campaigns and causes the world over.

Nick Wright, is a Councillor at the AIIA NSW and an active member of the Events Committee. His bio can be found here.

Can Social Networks be a Force for Good?

11 Jul 2012: The AIIA NSW was treated last night to a lively and very candid discussion on the enormous potential for social media in the current digital age. Joe Trippi and Greg Daniel explored both the creative/constructive aspects and the potential pitfalls/darker side to social media in a discussion that should not be missed.

Hong Kong — from China-watching to China’s entrepot

7 Jul 2012: On the 15th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to China, Steve Barclay (Director of the Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office in Australia and New Zealand) looked back on his 32 years working for Asia’s most vibrant city – first for the British when it was a rich British outpost, and, more recently, as a vibrant part of China’s economy.

Defence and Foreign Policy in a world of change

On Tuesday 26 June 2012, the AIIA hosted former Secretary of Defence Ric Smith to discuss Australian foreign and defence policy and the new Defence White Paper. His insights are not to be missed, and well worth a second watch if you were in attendence!

CHARTERIS LECTURE: Gareth Evans on Australia’s Role in the World

4 Jul 2012: In his lecture Gareth Evans explores whether Australia will be an independent-minded nation with a real egalitarian streak or just another country doing its best to look after its own interests, narrowly defined, not really caring about the wider world we live in. This lecture was held on 6 June 2012 at the Tattersals Club in Sydney at the Annual Charteris Dinner. [Please note the video has a 30-second lag at the beginning – you can jump past this by sliding the progress bar.]

Bob Howard and Emily Crawford and the Responsibility to Protect

On Tuesday 19 June, the AIIA NSW and the NSW Young Lawyers co-hosted Dr. Robert Howard and Dr. Emily Crawford to discuss the Responsibility to Protect in light of the crisis in Syria and inaction on the global stage at a time when many are calling for likeminded countries to “DO SOMETHING”. Dr Howard and Dr Crawford discussed the emergence of this norm, the challenges it faces – particularly the challenge of overcoming sovereignty and the democracy deficit – and fielded some very probing questions related to Iraq, Greece, Zimbabwe and the US. [Dr. Howard is a Councillor at the AIIA NSW and a lecturer in the School of Government and International Relations at Sydney University, while Dr. Crawford is a lecturer and postgraduate fellor at the Sydney Centre for International Law.]

Professor Sit: The New Global Economy and China’s New Urbanisation

Tues 29 May, Professor Sit from the Advanced Institute for Contemporary China Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University, addresses the AIIA NSW on the Chinese economy and what we can expect out to 2020 and beyond.

Murray McLean: Reinvigorating the Japan Alliance

Murray McLean addresses the AIIA NSW Branch discussing Japan on Tuesday 15 May 2012.

Video: America’s new 10-year strategic partnership with Afghanistan – What will be Australia’s commitment?

11 May 2012: Naqib Noori, Anthony Bubalo, Adam Lockyer and Hamish McDonald discuss the US-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership, its implications for Australia and the future prospects of Afghanistan.

Video – Syria: Assad Endures, the World Watches

2 May 2012: Former Ambassador Ross Burns explains why the international community must re-examine its approach to Syria and provides a lot of granularity on the conflict, detail we are missing in current media analysis.

Australian Foreign Policy – Unfinished Business

Philip Flood AO discusses Australia’s foreign policy, as recorded at the Glover Cottages on Tuesday 24 April 2012.

Alignment in Australian Policy: Canberra’s Energy, Defence, and Asian Century White Papers

During this impromptu session, Vice President Bob Pritchard, AIIA member Alison Broinowski and President Colin Chapman discuss the importance of alignment in government policy, examining current debates over Canberra’s Energy, Defence and Asian Century White Papers.

China & Energy: An Impromptu Address by AIIA NSW Vice President Robert Pritchard

In this impromptu address, AIIA NSW Vice President Bob Pritchard discusses the topic of China and Energy. His address discusses the challenges of Australia’s energy policy, the Energy White Paper and the notion of what an energy superpower would be (suggesting the phrase is inaccurate and misleading). Mr. Pritchard also discusses the need for congruency in Australia’s Energy White Paper and the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper. Mr. Pritchard’s speech precedes Dr. Alison Broinowski’s, which goes further on this last topic.

 11 Apr 2012: Introducing the AIIA NSW’s 2012 Interns

Introducing the AIIA NSW’s 2012 Interns

Introducing Brendan Elliott: India and Pakistan Nuclear

Introducing David Simmons: The Darker Side of China’s Development

Introducing Eloise Johnston: The Scope for Australia-Indonesia Cooperation on Tackling People Smuggling

Introducing Kate Nour: Hezbollah – Militarism & Politics

Introducing Merryn Cavenagh: Responsibility to Protect

3 Apr 2012: Impromptu Open Mike Night – Bob Pritchard, Alison Broinowski and Colin Chapman

Alignment in Australian Policy: Canberra’s Energy, Defence, and Asian Century White Papers

China & Energy: An Impromptu Address by AIIA NSW Vice President Robert Pritchard

27 Mar 2012: Humanitarian Negotiations Unveiled: In the front line with Médecins Sans Frontières – Fabrice Weissman

Event detail on AIIA website
Photos available on our photos page

20 Mar 2012: Iran’s Steady Rise Towards Middle East Hegemony, Egypt in distress, Syria in civil war, what next? – Dr. Anthony Billingsley and Dr. Rodger Shanahan

Event detail on AIIA website
Photos available on our photos page

14 March 2012: Israel’s countdown to a Nuclear Iran, Can and will Jerusalem strike? – Dr Emanuele Ottolenghi

Event detail on AIIA website
Photos available on our photos page

6 Mar 2012: Rethinking Policy on Asylum Seekers and MigrationJohn Menadue

Event detail on AIIA website
Photos available on our photos page

28 Feb 2012: An American Melodrama: The Presidential campaign in 2012 Tom Switzer, David Smith and Jonathan Tasini

Please note, this is the FULL VERSION of this video (50mins). To jump to key chapters in this video, go to the timings as marked:

Chapter 1: Jonathan Tasini explains US politics — 12 seconds into the video
Chapter 2: Tom Switzer suggests we go beyond stereotypes — 10:13
Chapter 3: Dr. David Smith talks to the religious revival — 25:10
Question 1: The prospects for debate on Afghanistan and the Middle East strategy in the primaries — 35:04
Question 2: Electoral boundaries and electoral colleges — 40:19
Question 3: Republican bloodletting and consideration for the foreign audience — 40:53
Question 4: The future of the Republic party — 45:52
Question 5: The significance of the Jewish vote — 48:30

Event detail on AIIA website
Photos available on our photos page

21 Feb 2012: North Korea: Kim Jong-un as Leader, how Pyongyang may change – Leonid Petrov and Mack Williams

To jump to segments in the video:

Speaker 1: Professor Peter Hayes, 3:15-12:55 min
Speaker 2: Professor Leonid Petrov, 13:55-40:40 min
Speaker 3: Mr. Mack Williams, 40:54-53:32 min

Question 1: Prospect for a nuclear or missile test, 54:01-57:45 min
Question 2: Were the crying scenes orchestrated or genuine emotion, 57:45-End min

Scenarios post Kim Jong-Il

The Influence of Bilateral Relationships

Event detail on AIIA website
Photos available on our photos page

14 Feb 2012: Putin and the Protesters: The Agenda for the Next Russian President – Graeme Gill

Highlights version – 10mins

Event detail on AIIA website
Photos available on our photos page

29 Nov 2011: An Evening with Justice. Michael Kirby AC, AMG

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Event detail on AIIA website
Photos available on our photos page

24 Nov 2011: AIIA NSW Charteris Dinner 2011

Long Video

Short Video

Event detail on AIIA website
No photos available

30 Aug 2011: China – Richard Rigby

Event detail on AIIA website
Photos available on our photos page

23 Oct 2010: Covering Conflict – Peter Cave

Event detail unavailable on AIIA website
No photos available

23 Oct 2010: China – Colleen Ryan

Event detail unavailable on AIIA website
No photos available

9 October 2010: China 
Rodger Baker

Event detail unavailable on AIIA website
No photos available

28 Sept 2010: Prospects for Nuclear Disarmament – Richard Broinowski

Event detail unavailable on AIIA website
No photos available

You can also follow the AIIA NSW’s videos at Youtube.


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