Our Interns

First Semester 2013

(Names are in alphabetical order by first name)


Anastasia Lacheny

Originally from the United States, Anastasia is a recent graduate with a Masters of International Security from the University of Sydney.  She is fluent in French and currently studying Mandarin. She has also completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in the medical sciences while studying at Sydney. As a first generation American who grew up in a French household and recently immigrated to Australia, Anastasia has been exposed to and been fascinated by the interactions between people from diverse cultural and societal backgrounds.  This intrigue of our increasingly globalised world has led to a strong interest in the changing power dynamics in the Asia Pacific, particularly with the rise of the People’s Republic of China and what may be the twilight of American supremacy. During her internship at AIIA, Anastasia hopes to immerse herself in interactive forums where a myriad of viewpoints are explored while embracing a shared passion for international relations. Anastasia hopes to gain confidence and proficiency in debate and policy discussion with the hopes of joining the Australian Public Service in the future.

Chantelle Rau

Chantelle is a current student at the University of Sydney studying a Bachelor of International and Global Studies, majoring in Government and International Relations.  In 2012 she undertook an exchange program through the United States Study Centre to the University of California, Los Angeles, where she studied Political Science and developed her interest in American foreign relations.  With a devoted interest in the foreign relationships of the United States with the Asian and South Pacific regions, Chantelle aspires to research and play an active role in expanding these relations in the near future.  After undertaking Honours in Government and International Relations in 2014, Chantelle intends to pursue a career in an international organisation, such as the United Nations, or in the international sector of the Australian Government.

Dominique Spoelder

Dominique is a recent graduate of The University of Sydney where she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Government and International Relations, with a focus on European, French and Germanic Studies. She is currently studying a Master of International Security and a Diploma of Language Studies at The University of Sydney. She has been an associate editor for The Sydney Globalist and has spent many years volunteering with World Vision, Oxfam, UNICEF and Amnesty International. Besides languages and culture, her principal areas of interest lie in non-proliferation studies, counter-terrorism, defence and strategy and Chinese foreign policy.

Dominique speaks French and German, and is currently learning Korean and Mandarin.  She is particularly interested in encouraging women to join the Australian and international security and defence debate, and hopes to pursue further research in international law and security in Europe and in Asia after this year.

Jarred Harvey

Jarrad Harvey is in his final semester of studying law and business administration degrees at Macquarie University. Jarrad hopes that the internship at the Institute will further galvanise his interest in international affairs and inform his decision to pursue further studies in international relations at a postgraduate level. Jarrad’s career aspirations include working in foreign policy development, public international legal advocacy or diplomacy.

Jarrad’s interest in international affairs is predominately informed by his legal background. Jarrad is interested in public international law and international humanitarian law generally, having written his law honours thesis on the contentious issue of State immunity and the doctrine’s intersection with State-authored war crimes. Similarly, Jarrad is interested in the role of various international legal and non-legal organisations in global politics and dispute resolution, with particular focus on the United Nations’ politicking of international use of force. Finally, Jarrad is interested in issues surrounding pan-Arabism, contemporary Middle Eastern politics and revolutionism.

Tim Pascoe

Tim is currently studying a Masters of International Law and International Relations at UNSW, having previously completed a Bachelor of International and Global Studies at Sydney University majoring in Government and International Relations and History. During his undergraduate studies Tim completed a yearlong exchange to the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Tim’s particular areas of interest include non-traditional security threats, economic development, terrorism, and the application of international law to unconventional conflicts. Tim has previously held intern positions at the Australian Consulate General in New York, Burson Marsteller, and The Centre for Independent Studies. In addition to being an intern at the AIIA, Tim is also a policy advisor for the Left Right Think Tank.


Past Interns


Second Semester 2012

(Names are in alphabetical order by first name)


Andrew Kwon

Andrew is a recent graduate with a Masters of International Security from the University of Sydney. He has also completed a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Politics and International Relations from the University of New South Wales. As a 2nd Generation Korean Australian, Andrew is fluent in Korean and interested in developments in Northeast Asia which are effecting the constitutions of both regional and geostrategic policies. As part of the research component of the AIIA Internship program, Andrew is seeking to explore DPRK internal regime change as a result of its recent leadership succession and the effect it has on regional and international stability. Like many of his contemporaries, Andrew is hoping to join the Australian Public Service in 2013.

Elizabeth Trethowan

Elizabeth is a recent graduate of The University of Sydney where she completed a Bachelor of Global and International Studies majoring in French and Government and a Master of Media Practice. As part of her degree, she also undertook an exchange semester at L’Institut D’Etudes Politiques de Paris where she studied political science in French. Elizabeth grew up in Mexico City where she attended an international school, so she also speaks fluent Spanish. Currently she is interning at the Nine Network and is taking care of media relations for the AIIA. Elizabeth is interested in both international relations and the media and would love to pursue a career where these interests intersect, either working in Australia’s foreign service or in a media position for an international organization like the United Nations.

Ingrid Keyzer

Ingrid is a 2012 UTS Graduate with a combined Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts in International studies. She majored in International Law, Immigration Law and Dispute Resolution. In 2010 she spent one year studying at the Technische Universitat Berlin, in Germany. Ingrid completed her practical legal training at Anti-Slavery Australia and at an American Law firm in San Francisco. Ingrid’s Key areas of Interest in International Affairs are: International Law and Institutions, Refugee Politics, Migration and Transnationalism, The European Union and the international system, International Terrorism and Security, Humanitarianism in world politics, International Politics and Economics of East Asia and the Pacific. Ingrid plans to study a Masters of International Relations either here in Sydney or back in Germany within the next year. She aims to pursue a career either with the Department of Foreign Affairs or in International Humanitarian Law.

Katherine Gordon

Katherine graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor Degree in International Relations, majoring in Spanish and Politics.  She is currently undertaking a Masters Degree in International Security at the University of Sydney.  Her main area of interest is in new security challenges, and she has a particular interest in population and environmental security issues, and how these might affect Australia in the future.  After graduating from her post graduate studies, Katherine hopes to work in policy for the Australian Government.

Khemta Hannah Jose

Khemta Hannah Jose is a student of international Relations at Macquarie University, currently completing her Masters degree. Within foreign affairs and international politics, her particular areas of interest include (but are not limited to) nuclear security in South Asia; the changing power dynamics in Asia, particularly with the rise of China; and the expanding environmental law and human rights regimes internationally. As an intern with AIIA, she hopes to use the experience to gain valuable insights into how foreign affairs are conducted and to help her achieve her goal of affecting foreign policy through diplomacy or research. She believes that in an increasingly globalised world, international relations hold the maximum potential to shape human affairs in a positive way. Khemta also holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology.”

Simon Asfour

Originally from the UK, Simon graduated from the University of Manchester with a BSocSci Politics and IR Hons degree. He then undertook his Masters of International Security Degree at the University of Sydney in pursuit of a career in national security. His interests have been very much focused in line with private military affairs, counter-terror operations and Middle East conflict. His aspiration is to one day work in areas linked to public security concerns, global justice and humanitarian issues. As part of the research component of the AIIA Internship program, Simon is seeking to explore a recent trend of extreme Islam in Sydney’s western suburbs as a trend of transnationalism.


First Semester 2012

(Names are in alphabetical order by first name)


Brendan Elliott

Brendan joined the AIIA as an intern after spending a year working in Strasbourg, France, home to the Council of Europe and the European Parliament. He has completed a Bachelor of International Studies, majoring in French Studies and International Relations, and a Masters of International Security at the University of Sydney. His wide-ranging interests cover the spectrum of international politics, development and security as well as linguistics. He hopes to join the Australian Public Service next year. His current research as part of the internship program explores the effects of nuclearisation on regional and global conflicts and the potential impact of Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon of their own.

Claire Deakin

Claire Deacon has come to Sydney from Edmonton, Canada, to take part in the AIIA’s internship program. She is looking forward to expanding her knowledge and understanding of international affairs, as well as gaining insight on various topics from different perspectives. Claire studied political science and history at the University of Alberta, Canada, and specialized in international relations. During the course of her studies she also obtained the University of Alberta’s Certificate in Globalization and Governance, and had work published by a local historical society. In the future, Claire plans to attend law school in Canada, and hopes to pursue a career in international development and human rights law.

David Simmons

David is in the final semester of his undergraduate studies in the field of International Relations and Asian Studies. He is working toward presenting a paper at this years Oceanic Conference of International Studies on the damaging impact of China’s economic reforms since 1978. In 2011, David also attended the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations as a scholarship recipient representing the University of Western Sydney in Seoul, South Korea. David is preparing to begin an honors thesis in 2013 with the intent to undertake further post-graduate studies upon it’s completion. He adamantly desires a career within International Affairs and is using the exposure gained from the AIIA’s internship program to hone those desires and develop a greater insight into the avenues available to him.

Eloise Johnston

Eloise is studying a Masters of International Relations at Macquarie University after completing a Bachelor of Arts with a History Major from the University of Sydney. Eloise also studies German at the University of Sydney, is part of the administration of the Macquarie University Red Cross Club, and volunteers with the Red Cross Migrant Support Program in Sydney. Eloise spent a year living in Scotland on a university exchange and working, and taught English at a high school in Germany for a month. In 2012 Eloise was a participant at the 23rd International Youth Leadership Conference in Prague, and facilitated at the UN Youth NSW Conference for high school students. For her research paper at the AIIA, Eloise will be critically analysing the relationship between Australia and Indonesia, particularly focussing on the impact of people smugglers between the two nations. After graduating, Eloise seeks to combine her passion in the humanities and interest in international relations in an institution centred on foreign aid and development.

Katherine Nour

Katherine in an International Relations student completing her Honours year at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. Her disciplinary interests include International Security and Normative Change Theory, with a regional focus on the Middle East. Her thesis research addresses themes of ideological quietism and foreign policy in the political behaviour of Hizbullah. She is currently following developments in the political landscape of the region with a keen interest and hopes to go on to conduct field work and post graduate study in this field in the future.

Merryn Cavenaugh

In 2012, Merryn is completing her fifth and final year of a Bachelor of Psychology with a Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie University. She has always been interested in International Relations and has travelled to conferences in Turkey in April 2011, Canberra in August 2011 and most recently to Hawaii in November 2011 for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit. She has spent 2 years living and studying abroad in Europe and can speak fluent German.


Second Semester 2011

Beth Bellion

Elizabeth Bellion received a Masters with Merit from the University of Sydney’s Center for International Security Studies in 2010 as well as a BA in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley in 2007. Her research to date has focused primarily on global approaches to counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency, including their historical evolution and implementation in the post-9/11 context.

Cameron Bruce

Cameron Bruce is an Honours student at Sydney University, writing a thesis on Security Council interventions. He has written for ABC’s The Drum and The Sydney Globalist and is also the author of a blog on current affairs in the Middle East. He is a founding member of the UN Association of Australia’s Young Professionals Network and is a member of the Australian delegation to the National Model United Nations Conference in New York in April.

Jessica Glover

Jessica Glover is a fourth year student at the University of Wollongong studying International Studies and Communications and Media Studies. Jessica majors in Journalism and Politics, and minors in Peace and Security Studies and Spanish. In 2011 Jessica was an intern at the Australian Institute of International Affairs, and produced a research paper analysing the geopolitical realities impacting food security in sub-Saharan Africa. Jessica also worked as Project Assistant to the Indigo Foundation Bonobo Health Clinic Project in Democratic Republic of Congo. In 2012 Jessica worked overseas with New Hope Cambodia Charity Organisation, and will undertake an internship with The Walkley Foundation. Jessica hopes to use her qualifications and experiences to enter the international development sector in the future.

Tom Neale

Tom Neale is a fourth year Arts student at the University of Sydney majoring in Chinese Studies, Business Management and Political Economy. 2011 was a busy year for Tom in the professional sphere, with Tom participating in winning team for the Univative Business Competition. His team’s designed growth strategy has now been adopted by Wal-Mart. Tom also worked as intern at the Australian Institute of International Affairs and wrote a research paper on the geopolitics of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) which he hopes to have published in 2012. Tom has been published many articles on international relations, particularly Australia-China relations. Tom’s future goals include opening his own multinational renewable energy management consultancy in Asia and becoming a foreign correspondent for the ABC or Fairfax.

Back row, left to right: Kim Harlow, Jess Glover, Cameron Bruce, Tom Neale
Front row, let to right: Beth Bellion, Sarah Nguyen


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