The Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) is an independent, non-profit organisation seeking to promote interest in and understanding of international affairs in Australia.

It provides a forum for discussion and debate, but does not seek to formulate its own institutional views. The Institute arranges programs of lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences and other discussions, and sponsors research and publications. The AIIA was formed in 1924 and established as a federal body body in 1933 and is the only nation-wide organisation of its kind in Australia. It is financed by members’ contributions, a small government subvention and tax deductible donations from individuals and businesses.

The AIIA consists of a number of independent branches, which are located in seven Australian States and Territories, and a National Office in Canberra. Read about the AIIA’s organisational structure. In addition, close contact is maintained with the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, and with sister institutes and similarly minded organisations around the world.

The AIIA provides a wide range of opportunities for the dissemination of information and free expression of views on these matters through discussion and publication. Precluded by its constitution from expressing any opinion of its own on international affairs, the AIIA provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of a wide range of views. Through the National Office and branches, the AIIA achieves its mission of promoting interest in and understanding of international affairs, including politics, economics and international law, in four ways:

Providing a forum for debate

The AIIA provides a forum for debate by arranging lectures, seminars and workshops for its members. These range from intimate discussions to large lectures. More than 150 events are held across the country each year.

Disseminating ideas

Throughout its history the AIIA has been involved in the key debates of international relations through its publications. The AIIA currently publishes the Australian Journal of International Affairs, the Australia in World Affairs series and occasional papers.

Educating on International Issues

The AIIA also works to educate the community on international issues. One of the key areas of focus is on youth, including schools program, careers fairs, internships and young professionals networks around the country.


The AIIA seeks to collaborate with its sister institutes and other organisations in Australia and overseas. By maintaining close relationship the AIIA can assure an international view on current affairs, expand its knowledge and project Australia’s international image.

During its history the AIIA has been honoured by the involvement of many distinguished figures including: Former Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies, Former Chief Justices Sir Garfield Barwick, Sir John Latham and Sir Owen Dixon, Former Governor General Lord Casey, and distinguished Australians Sir Ian Clunies Ross, Sir Richard Boyer, Sir Russel Madigan and E.C. Dyason. Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC, the Governor-General of Australia, is the AIIA’s Honorary Visitor.


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