AIIA (NSW) Annual General Meeting Outcomes

Members of AIIA NSW have elected a new team to run the Sydney-based institute over the next 12 months – and for the first time the balance between the sexes on the 13-strong board are even.

The president, Colin Chapman, and vice president Richard Broinowski were re-elected unanimously, as was secretary Jennifer Sayle.

Newcomers include Kalley Wu, appointed as treasurer to replace Mohit Sharma; Alice Populous, who takes responsibility for NSW’s cultural program, Criminologist Dr Duncan Chappell, business woman Carol Lamerton; Sasha Sevtsova, a NSW government policy adviser, and academic Michael Sutton, a former councilor who recently returned from a decade in Japan and Washington.

Those retiring included long-time board members Geoff Miller, a former national vice-president: Shannon Barnes; and Louisa Graham, but all agreed to continue to support the NSW executive.

Colin Chapman, president, said, “I’m delighted to have the support of a committed team with varied talents, which should help us to expand our activities in the months ahead. Colin announced that NSW has a new corporate sponsor, the not-for-profit group Odyssey Travel, which was offering a package of benefits to both the AIIA and its membership.

In his annual review Colin noted an active program of weekly events, with highlights including high profile visits by the foreign ministers of Poland and Sri Lanka, and a number of delegations from China. AIIA NSW had successfully reintroduced well-supported study tours to New Zealand and Indonesia, with a third planned to China in November, led by board member Professor Jocelyn Chey.

He expressed delight that this year’s Charteris lecture and dinner, set for November 25 at Sydney’s Union and Universities Club, would feature Peter Varghese, secretary of DFAT.

On the downside, the president noted rising costs in maintaining the AIIA’s historic home, the Glover Cottages, held on a long lease, and criticized the NSW state government for refusing to allow the institute to sub-let part of the building to ease the costs and enable the council to make badly needed improvements. 


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