EVENT: Youth Event Series Launch Women in War Zones

6:00-7:30pm Tuesday 9 July: The India-Pakistan border is one of the most heavily fortified and conflict-prone regions in the world, dividing two nuclear powers with decades of animosity between them. While much has been written about military clashes, nuclear weapons and politics, the stories of everyday people caught in the crossfire are largely untold.

For two years, Preethi Sundaram worked in India with an Indian NGO – Indicorps – near the Pakistan border areas. Whilst there she worked on numerous women’s empowerment programmes, including starting a school to ensure adequate literacy and establishing a ‘sport for development’ scholarship programme. She also initiated a social enterprise initiative for women that connected their sewing work to markets in nearby urban areas.

As the development sector in wealthy countries increases its focus on women’s development, what are the concerns that women face in developing countries, especially in conflict zones? What has been done to effectively improve the lives of these women? Drawing on her experience in one of the most conflict-prone territories in the world, Preethi Sundaram will offer her unique insights into these questions and more.

Preethi Sundaram

Preethi recently returned from a two-year fellowship with Indicorps, an American policy Institute, in India where she focused on development issues in the India-Pakistan border region. Prior to this, she worked for Nihon Keizai Shimbum in their Sydney Bureau covering policy issues in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. Preethi has an honours degree from Sydney University, majoring in East Asian studies and International Relations, where she wrote her honours thesis on Japan’s economic model. Preethi is fluent in Hindi and Japanese.

As a special offer for the Youth Event Series, tickets will be $15 for all guests under the age of 30. Tickets include refreshments and wine prior to the presentation. 

Further information and to book tickets: http://aiia.asn.au/nsw-home/event/736-youth-event-series-launch


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