Remember Tiananmen

COMPELLING READ: Chin Jin, a strong supporter of the China Democracy movement, funds his writing and broadcasting by driving a Sydney taxi three days a week. Although Chin is committed to pursuing his aims by persuasion rather than violence (“the pen is mightier than the sword”, the Beijing government cruelly refuses him a visa to visit his ailing father in his homeland.

Chin, a former merchant seaman, came to study in Australia a quarter of a century ago, and was one of the many students allowed to stay by former prime minister Bob Hawke after the Tianamen Sq massacre. He has just published a book on the work of the Democracy movement.

In the first of a series of evenings on China at the AIIA NSW this winter.

More than 65 people came to the Glover Cottages to hear Chin’s assessment of the Democracy movement’s realistic prospects recently. The event coincided with a moving account of Chin’s life by Professor John Keane, who heads the Institute For Democracy at the University of Sydney, first published in The Conversation. It deserves a wider audience.

Comment by Colin Chapman. Read the article here:


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