EVENT: Climate Change – Avoiding devastating and long-term impacts

EVENT NOTICE: 6pm Tues 30 April: The climate change debate has not gone away. While the normative perception is one that we should ‘do something,’ exactly what, besides reducing carbon, and more importantly how, is nebulous, contested and undecided. What exactly are the consequences of inadequate management of climate change? How can it be avoided? How credible is the science of both those pushing for addressing the problem, and the sceptics?

Professor Steve Sherwood will summarise the evidence that humans are causing global warming, show what is predicted for the next few centuries, and describe what new research shows may be the most devastating longer-term impact. He will also discuss the reasons why the basic facts surrounding energy use and climate change are not being accepted by large parts of the public, by placing current events in the intertwined contexts of political realities and of past scientific revolutions, which have tended to require long periods of time to proceed to completion. Steve will also make some comments on what actions are needed in the near term to avert massive climate change by the 22nd century.

Professor Steve Sherwood graduated university with degrees in physics, engineering and a Ph.D in Oceanography. He was worked at Yale University in the department of Geology and Geophysics, as a research scientist at the Goddad space flight centre and researcher at the school of earth sciences of Victoria University, Wellington. Prof. Sherwood has been a prolific writer, his most recent book is Climate Change and Australia: Warming to the Global Challenge, Saul, Ben, Steven Sherwood, Jane McAdam, Tim Stephens and James Slezak, 2012, Federation Press.

Date: Tuesday April 30th, 2013
Time: Refreshments 6:00 pm; Presentation 6:30 pm – 7.30pm
Venue: The Glover Cottages, 124 Kent Street, Sydney (located adjacent to the Kent St Fire Station)
Cost: AIIA members $15.00; Senior/student members: $10.00
Visitors $25; Student Visitors $15

PLEASE RSVP ONLINE or EMAIL ACCEPTANCE to nsw.branch@aiia.asn.au


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