EVENT: Future Shock in China: Politics through art A special visit to the White Rabbit for AIIA members

EVENT: 6pm Thursday 14 March: Millions of words have been written about the rapid and remarkable changes in China. Not only have half a billion people been lifted out of poverty (which still leaves the majority below the poverty line) but in many parts of the country, the landscape has been transformed, both for better and worse.

The architecture of Shanghai makes Manhattan look tame, express trains link cities at approximately the same speed as the so called United Express prop jets fly between US cities, village houses and farms have been torn down to make way for vast apartment blocks and warehouses, and the unfortunate citizens of Beijing have been breathing in smog.

To be precise, concentrations of PM2.5, fine air particles that pose the greatest health risk, rose to 297 micrograms per cubic metre one day last month in Tiananmen Sq one day last month, a rating the Beijing authorities described as hazardous.

In the first of AIIA NSW’s cultural evenings, our members and their guests are invited to the remarkable White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney for a personal tour of their new Chinese art collection Smash Palace – a Look at Fracturing China”. There is no charge for this event, and, as an added attraction, a wine tasting will be provided by Chateau Tanunda with their Grand Barossa Shiraz 2011 and The Château Eden Valley Riesling 2011. The curator of the museum, Paris Neilson, will provide a short talk about the artists behind this exhibition and their purpose.

However members will get the flavor of what they will see from the White Rabbit’s own description:-

“In the metastasizing megacities where more than half of China’s people live, the only constant these days is change. As residential districts are bulldozed to make way for gleaming skyscrapers, social structures are being shaken by competition and alienation. As new possibilities emerge, old certainties are breaking down. Under Mao, the Communist Party set out to ‘smash the Four Olds’: customs, culture, habits and ideas. Now the ‘new China’ they built is itself under assault, and not only from growing wealth and freedoms. Greed, corruption and government heavy-handedness are generating anger and anxiety”.

The White Rabbit Collection is one of the world’s largest and most significant collections of contemporary Chinese art. Founded by Ken and Judith Neilson, it focuses on works produced after 2000. For more information on the latest exhibition, Smash Palace Smash Palace press release.

This event is free to members – registration necessary.

Please note this event will be held at The White Rabbit Gallery, 30 Balfour Street, Chippendale http://www.whiterabbitcollection.org/contact/map/

Book now: http://aiia.asn.au/nsw-events/event/646-future-shock-in-china-politics-through-art


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