The Mexican Drug Cartels and the Romney Family

COMPELLING VIEW: The rather edgy VICE Inc ran a seven part series on the Mexican drug cartels in September 2012, which revealed a rather interesting link with Presidential candidate Mit Romney. The video is a compelling view for those who would like an insight into the incredible violence we hear about in Mexico, some granularity on the complexity and circularity of the drug/weapons trade and an understanding of where Mr Romney has come from and what might motivate his strong views on immigration and drugs. 

VICE is a New York City based Canadian magazine and media conglomerate focused on international arts & culture. The have a presence in Sydney and you may see their magazine (free) around town. They have undertaken some very raw, but fascinating documentary work that is worth a look on their Youtube Channel.

Please be advised that there are some graphic scenes in the video showing the aftermath of gun violence. The video is 41 minutes long.

This compelling view was recommended by Councillor Shannon Barnes.


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