Indonesia this Wednesday at the AIIA

Greg FealyEVENT UPDATE: Don’t forget it is Greg Fealy on Indonesia this week at the Glover Cottages. Prof Fealy is coming to Sydney specifically for this presentation, so if you want to see him, the AIIA is the venue. He will discuss the prospects for Indonesia’s 2014 elections as well as consider Yudhoyono’s record as president and the way in which he has dealt with major political, social and diplomatic issues, including relations with Australia. He will argue that Yudhoyono has been forgiving of Australia’s often inept recent handling of the bilateral relationship but future Indonesian governments may well be less accommodating.

Greg Fealy is associate professor of Indonesian politics in the College of Asia and the Pacific, The Australian National University. He is currently the chief investigator for the ‘Terrorist Motivations in Indonesia’ project, funded by Australian Research Council. From 1997 to 1999 he was an Indonesia analyst at the Australian Government’s Office of National Assessments.

6pm Wednesday 17 October 2012 @ the Glover Cottages.


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