AIIA NSW Welcomes Two New Councillors

AGM RECAP: After a very successful 2011-12, members agreed at the 25 September Annual General Meeting to expand the number of Councillors on the AIIA NSW Council to enhance our capacity to achieve big things in 2012-13. In addition to Richard Broinowski (the new Vice President) profiled on 27 September, we would like to introduce two other new Councillors – Jim Terrie and Phoebe Alexander.

ImageJim Terrie: Jim Terrie is currently undertaking a period of full time service in the Australian Defence Force. He served as a Regular Army officer from 1983-2000 undertaking various appointments as an Infantry and Special Forces Officer. In 2000, he became the National Director of the Australian Republican Movement.

In mid-2003, he moved to Nairobi Kenya to take up a position with the International Crisis Group. As a Senior Analyst for ICG, Jim researched and wrote on numerous conflicts – primarily in East and Central Africa – and often followed up by advocacy in Africa, Europe, US and at the UN and EU.

In 2006, still in Nairobi, Jim moved to the commercial sector providing advice and training for companies and organisations operating in conflict and crisis effected environments in Africa. At the end of 2007, Jim relocated to Singapore and consulted for International SOS as a risk management advisor for numerous clients across Asia including Pakistan, India, China and Japan and for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. During this period he also finished a Masters in International Relations via the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

In 2009-2010, Jim returned to full time army service with Special Operations Command and undertook a deployment to the Middle East and Afghanistan. In 2011, he returned to Afghanistan as a civilian working under the auspices of USAID as a Stabilization Adviser and Trainer based at the Counterinsurgency Training Centre. On returning home, he provided consultancy in the US and Australia on various stabilisation, COIN and civilian-military issues. He has, and continues to, research and write on these and other conflict related issues, particularly in respect to Africa.

Jim was previously a member of the AIIA NSW Council from 1998-2003 and served as Vice President for the last three of those years

ImagePhoebe Alexander: Phoebe has a background in journalism, having studied at The Taiwan World College of Journalism and worked as a television presenter in Taiwan.  Phoebe migrated to Australia in 1973, and worked at SBS Radio Mandarin Program as a senior producer for 16 years. Outside journalism, Phoebe has been active in community work and has also taught Mandarin at community schools.

Phoebe also spent nine years as a Councillor of the Art Gallery Society NSW.  During that time, Phoebe initiated the Community Ambassador Program, a volunteer program to provide non-English speaking guides to members of the Public.  Phoebe has also done extensive work within the Chinese community and has been a trustee and committee member of the Australian Chinese Charity Foundation; and past Chairperson of the Chinese Language Education Council NSW Inc.  Phoebe is currently a committee member of the NSW Community Language Schools Board and Vice-President of the Australian Chinese Community Association.  Phoebe is also a member of the Multicultural March Advisory Group, commissioned by the NSW Minister for Community Affairs. Currently, Phoebe works for a not-for-profit education travel organisation, specialising in educational travel in Asia.

We hope to see you at a Tuesday meeting soon, please make sure to welcome Jim and Phoebe in person! A full list of the Council can be found here.


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