The End of the Cultural Revolution is Celebrated Friday Night at the Conservatory of Music

ImageNOTABLE EVENT: Friday 6 October, marks the 36th anniversary of the arrest of the Gang of Four, one member of which was the infamous Jiang Qing,  Mao Zedongs wife. It was she who initiated and produced a series of new operas known as The Eight Model Operas [the BBC recently wrote this editorial on Revolutionary Opera].

The Conservatory of Music will host an event to celebrate this occasion this Friday 28 September at 7:30pm.

Many of the best arias are as popular with young and old in China today as are the songs westerners remember from American musicals or European opera arias.

Three generations after the coup d’etat that marked the end of the Cultural Revolution in China in 1976, some of our top Chinese/Australian chamber musicians have cut through the politics and will celebrate the end of a tumultuous era. The original filmed images, the stories, and of course, the marvellous music

Those taking part are:

  • Professor Wang Zheng Ting: sheng and narration
  • John Huie: musical direction/arrangements, san xian, guitar
  • Jane Rutter: Chinese flute
  • Jocelyn Ho: piano
  • Rowena Macneish: cello
  • Sun Yi : violin
  • Zheng Huo: erhu
  • Hugh Frazer :double bass

Australian composer John Huie said today: ” This event marks many landmark decisions at the time: Chinese musicians could now play Mozart – not Beethoven mind you, that took another year. This Friday 28th marks 40 years of diplomatic relations with China, thanks to Mr. Whitlam and besides it is also the Chinese Moon festival.”

Tickets are available here: or

This event was recommended by Councillor Jocelyn Chey.


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