Why Nuclear Weapons Stockpiles Need to be Addressed

EVENT VIDEO: On Wednesday 15 August, Colonel Valery Varynich (Ret.) – previously a member of the team in Moscow that built the Soviet Apocalyptic Doomsday Machine and now an active campaigner for nuclear disarmament – provided a thorough picture of the threat we all face due to the unsolved problem of Russian and American stockpiled strategic nuclear arsenals. His presentation was extensive and this video will be useful for those who missed the event and also those re-watching to brush up further. His message is important and this topic warrants much more serious and concerted efforts by global leaders.


2 responses to “Why Nuclear Weapons Stockpiles Need to be Addressed

  1. I am trying to find a transcript of this vid as I could only listen so carefully trying to decipher his accent and pauses. I really want to get his message but this is exhausting to follow.

    • Hi Qarl

      Unfortunately we do not have a transcript for this presentation and the software we have for preparing transcripts will not work with Colonel Varynich’s presentation. As an institute operating on very limited resources, the project of manually transcribing the presentation would be significantly time intensive. If accessing a transcript is of keen importance to you and you would like to financially contribute to the work, please contact us via email at nswexec@aiia.asn.au.

      Thanks for your understanding.
      AIIA NSW

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