Can Social Networks be a Force for Good

EVENT VIDEO: The AIIA NSW was treated last night to a lively and very candid discussion on the enormous potential for social media in the current digital age. Joe Trippi and Greg Daniel explored both the creative/constructive aspects and the potential pitfalls/darker side to social media in a discussion that should not be missed.

Greg Daniel has also recommended the following reports and further reading:

The Demos Institute talks Social Media in Britain: All over the world governments dream of creating centres of digitial innovation to rival Silicon Valley. The British government is no exception. Over the last two years it has led a high profile drive to support ‘Silicon Roundabout’ – the high tech cluster that has emerged in Inner East London – and turn it into something bigger: Tech City.

Forbes/Deloittes talk Risk Management: Following the latest global economic crisis, organizations of all types are still operating in a volatile, highly changeable risk environment. In a spring 2012 survey of 192 U.S. executives, Deloitte and Forbes Insights found that many are still working hard to make sense of this environment. In fact, a stunning 91% plan to reorganize and reprioritize their approaches to risk management in some form in the coming three years.

Eric Beecher on the Culpability of the Fairfax Board/Social Media: Beecher discusses the failure of Fairfax to evolve and to exploit the digital economy.


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