EVENT: Responsibility to Protect, Right to Intervene Does the UN mantra have any resonance?

EVENT NOTICE: As massacres become a weekly news item from Syria – along with evidence of torture – a desperate cry that is often heard in Australia and the rest of the world is: Do Something! But what? Back in 2005, the United Nations initiated the Responsibility to Protect concept, or R2P, to use the diplomats’ jargon. It’s a set of principles, based on the concept that sovereignty is not a right, but a responsibility.


Join us for a lively discussion on The Right to Protect; the Responsibility to Intervene – with Dr Robert Howard, of the University of Sydney, and Dr Emily Crawford, of the Sydney Centre for International Law. There will also be invited participation from the international committee of the NSW Young Lawyers’ Group.

Join us for this event at 6pm on Tuesday 19 June at the Glover Cottages.



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