Is Australia’s Foreign Policy Adrift?

Colin Chapman discusses the themes in this weekend’s Australian newspaper, opposition leader Tony Abbott’s foreign policy offensive, the remarks of Philip Flood last week at the AIIA NSW and also the upcoming Annual Charteris Dinner with former Foreign Minister Gareth Evans. To book your ticket to the Charteris dinner on Wednesday 6 June, visit:


2 responses to “Is Australia’s Foreign Policy Adrift?

  1. Adrift? You mean like a broken down illegal immigrant boat or adrift like handing out millions of dollars to Afghanistan when we have thousands of homeless, education cuts, hospitals in need of finance etc etc? Or adrift as in lost as to how the hell Labor got Australia in to hundreds of billions of dollars debt and still borrowing millions every day? Or adrift like Gillard and Craig Thompson?

    • Hi Python

      Thanks for commenting on the “Australian policy adrift” video. Please note we are not the Australian Government and therefore do not rely on taxpayer dollars. We are a non-profit organisation and exist to promote discussion of international policy issues. I have edited out the closing half of your comment which was factually incorrect and approved your post.


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