New videos on AIIAVision: “Alignment in Australian Policy”, “Energy & China” & “Next Week at the Glover Cottages”

There are three new videos on AIIAVision from last week’s event at the Glover Cottages.


Alignment in Australian Policy: Canberra’s Energy, Defence, and Asian Century White Papers

During this impromptu session, Vice President Bob Pritchard, AIIA member Alison Broinowski and President Colin Chapman discuss the importance of alignment in government policy, examining current debates over Canberra’s Energy, Defence and Asian Century White Papers.


China & Energy: An Impromptu Address by AIIA NSW Vice President Robert Pritchard

In this impromptu address, AIIA NSW Vice President Bob Pritchard discusses the topic of China and Energy. His address discusses the challenges of Australia’s energy policy, the Energy White Paper and the notion of what an energy superpower would be (suggesting the phrase is inaccurate and misleading). Mr. Pritchard also discusses the need for congruency in Australia’s Energy White Paper and the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper. Mr. Pritchard’s speech precedes Dr. Alison Broinowski’s, which goes further on this last topic.


Next week at the Glover Cottages (AIIA NSW)

In this video, Colin Chapman (President of the AIIA NSW) outlines the event for next week (Wed 11 April).


Be sure to leave a comment if you like the video or if you would like to “continue the debate” here!



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